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if you don’t know this reference, you’re too young for my blog tbh

if you don’t know this reference, you’re too young for my blog tbh

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My hobbies include craving intimacy and pushing away anyone who shows any interest in me

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I think the “women are mysterious” thing can also come from:

1) Women actually being quite clear, but not telling men what they want to hear.  ”She said she doesn’t want to talk to me?  So many mixed messages and confusing signals!”

2) Women not having cheat codes.  ”I tried being nice, and she didn’t have sex with me.  I tried being an asshole, and she didn’t have sex with me.  Come on, there’s got to be some kind of solution to this puzzle!”

3) Women not being a hive mind.  ”First a woman told me that she likes guys with big muscles.  Then the very next day a woman told me she thinks muscles aren’t attractive at all.  Make up your mind, women!”

4) An individual woman doing something confusing, and instead of asking “why is she doing this now?” men ask “why do women always do this?”

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Juozas Statkevicius


Juozas Statkevicius

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girls who were bullied most of their life and gain confidence at one point should be feared most because they dont take anyone’s shit no longer and they will destroy you if you think otherwise

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Aries: I’m better than all of you assholes

Taurus: I could eat some cake right now.

Gemini: I’m going to pretend I care about what you just said

Cancer: I need hugs and cookies.

Leo: Fuck u bitch I’m fabulous, bow down to me. 

Virgo: You’re all uncultered swines.

Libra: Stop war hug more

Scorpio: I tired of your bullshit, I just wanna sleep

Sagittarius: I wanna fuck your girlfriend

Capricorn: Sex sex sex sex sex sex sex

Aquarius: I’m hot and gay.

Pisces: Fuck my life.

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"Like wildflowers; you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would."
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There was a reporter who spoke after the Zimmerman verdict who said people’s biggest fear after the verdict was riots. When in reality It should have been the fact that the unjust verdict may lead way to more Zimmermans. In the sense that more people will break the law because they know they will get away with it. He was right. Since then, until now there hasn’t been a single riot but there sure as been hell more Zimmermans. I think that same fear stands for #Ferguson. Justice has to be served for Mike Brown, a point has to be finally made; or else we will have more Zimmermans in society.

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The worst part of outfitting our police officers as soldiers has been psychological. Give a man access to drones, tanks, and body armor, and he’ll reasonably think that his job isn’t simply to maintain peace, but to eradicate danger. Instead of protecting and serving, police are searching and destroying.

If officers are soldiers, it follows that the neighborhoods they patrol are battlefields. And if they’re working battlefields, it follows that the population is the enemy. And because of correlations, rooted in historical injustice, between crime and income and income and race, the enemy population will consist largely of people of color, and especially of black men. Throughout the country, police officers are capturing, imprisoning, and killing black males at a ridiculous clip, waging a very literal war on people like Michael Brown.

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"Tonight it’s me and you alone
Won’t take a call, won’t even write a song
This’ll be a personal holiday
Listen baby”

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Ataui Deng’s boyfriend Grant Monohon was the last person to see her. He says after they were at a nightclub, she said she wanted to sleep in a park…. in the middle of New York City… and he let her…..

he doesn’t even comment on her being gone until three hours ago. Like, after all the reports have been passed around and after all her friends have been looking for her.

okay. watch that mother fucker.

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"From 2006 to 2012, a white police officer killed a black person at least twice a week in this country." - MHP

Melissa Harris-Perry gives a heart-wrenching tribute to the deaths of black men that have occurred at the hands of police in the past decade.

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Yooo I went to school with her. Please #repost this #DC #dmv #md #va

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